"Mulder, the truth is out there, but so are lies." (E.B.E.)
Want a Scully fix?
OBSSE - Order of the Blessed St. Scully the Enigmatic. Must-visit site for all Scully fans!
GAWS - Official Gillian Anderson site - for news about the actress behind Scully.
Scully Quotes (allthingsx) - a wonderful site for all your Scullyism needs. Mostly seasons 1-5 & FTF.
more coming soon! send in your scully-centric pages here.
Other Scully-related fanlistings:
I'm an X-Files Fan.
I'm a Shipper Fan.
Gillian Anderson
I'm a Gillian Fan.
"Scully's Theme"
I'm a 'Scully's Theme' Fan.
"House of Mirth"
I'm a 'House of Mirth' Fan.
"Mononoke Hime"
I'm a 'Mononoke Hime' Fan.
"Playing By Heart"
I'm a 'Playing by Heart' Fan.
"The Mighty"
I'm a Fan of 'The Mighty'.
"all things"
I'm an 'all things' Fan.
I'm an 'all things' Fan.
"The Unnatural"
I'm an 'Unnatural' Fan.
Baby William
I'm a Baby William Fan.
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