A very cool site, xfilesmemories.com, allows fans to write in some of their memories about the show, or centered about some aspect of their life affected by the X-Files.

This is what I wrote on xfilesmemories.com:
I have tons of memories about the show, but I think I will focus on my earliest one. I was never a huge sci-fi fan, and thus was not hooked on the show from the very beginning - from trailer ads and whatnot. My aunt introduced me to the show in season one; I became a casual viewer, not having anything to do with the developing fan base online. What I remember absolutely hooking me on the show was when I first saw "One Breath" from the 2nd season. I was completely unaware of Gillian Andersonís pregnancy, and was not prepared for the emotional episode. In fact, I could not watch the entire thing, thinking that Scully was actually going to die and leave the show (it wasnít until a few weeks later that I found out that she survived!). From then on I was hooked, but not because of the storylines about government conspiracies and whatnot, but because I was attached to the characters (and particularly Scully) in a way that I never have been before, and never since then.
Continuing into this last year, the characters have always remained the most important thing to me in this show. Scully is my absolute favourite, and Gillian Anderson has done a wonderful job over the years bringing Scully through all the tragedies and experiences she has had by herself and along with Mulder. Both the development of her character and the bond that formed between Mulder and Scully will be the things that I will miss most seeing every week. Iím pretty sure that no other show will touch me the way that X-Files has, and it will be sad to think that something I grew up with will not be there any more.
I am absolutely looking forward to further developments that take place in the movies, especially with Scully, and with the relationship between her and Mulder. I wish the best of luck to both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in their careers post-XF. :)