This section is about the people that I have met through X-Files. By far, this is the most important reason that I have to thank X-Files - because of the people that are now my friends. When I first started off as an X-Phile, I felt that I was all alone in my obsession over the show; however, I soon came to know some fellow X-Philes through various websites, and an X-Files convention that I attended. Not only did my knowledge about the show increase tenfold when I learned about X-Files Websites (dum-dum-dum!), but I was also able to communicate to vaious people through chat rooms and bulletin boards. And! Fanfic. :)
Most of the people on my livejournal friends list are my friends in one way or another because of X-Files. I'm a member of the OBSSE and Scullyfic, two great communities where we still discuss X-Files but also many other subjects - though, me, mostly listening, since I'm a lurker. ;) I hang out in xfr, and chat about nothing and everything. I love everyone there, and we all initially came together over a love of X-Files.
So... X-Files may have brought me Scully, Mulder, and some great stories, which are perfectly good reasons in and of themselves to love the show, but it introduced me to a wide array of very cool and wonderful people who I consider my friends - and that is worth everything. :)