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Fanfic to read at some point in time - e.g., fic suggestions seen elsewhere. Just so I can keep track of good suggestions to read when have the time. :) Not included here: stories that I know that I am going to read very very soon. Also... I may have read a few of these, but unfortunately I have the worst memory *g*
Hardball by Missy Pennington
Oklahoma by Amperage and Livengoo
A Bitter Taste of the Tongue by Jane Mortimer
Betrayal by suricata
Wheels of Iscariot by Emily Renee Karr
Fugue by Rivka T
A Bright White Place by Nancy Nivling
Necessary Evils by Hannah Mason
Hartwell by David Hearne
Other People by Dawn Pares
Everybody Having a Good Time by Sabine
Gypsy by Ebonbird
Cubed by Louise Marin
God's Breath by Jintian Li
Closet Doors by Narida Law
Intuitive Reasoning series by Mish
Memorial Day by Brandon Ray and shannono
Cellphone by Marasmus
Heaven in Hell's Despair by Meredith
Blood of Angels by LoneGunGuy
The Confession of Sirius by BastBlack
Any Other Name by Louise Marin
Corpse by Livengoo
Mistress by Amperage
White Roses by Shelba
Tikkun Olam by Mustang Sally and RivkaT
The Professional by Dasha K and Plausible Deniability
Barnyard Series by Nascent
Contact High by Penumbra
Etched by Sean Smith
Ghosts by Torch
Twilight by Shannon
Iolokus by Mustang Sally and RivkaT
Dream On by Barbara D.
Night Giving off Flame by JET
Reach by Khyber
Tangible by Meredith
Atoll by Terma99
Ship-Building by Jess M.
And Chaos Shall Reign by Kronos
Antidote by Karen Rasch and Rachel Anton
Paper Saints by Jill Selby
whatever my hand hits first by Syntax
Moment of Intertia by Pteropod
Dear Applicant by Jill Selby
Wireless by Rivka T
Sixty Degrees of Separation by Barbara D.
No Place Like Home by Barbara D.
Shibboleth by Rivka T
Mercury Descending by ???
Me in Honey by alanna
The Tiger Complex by LoneGunGuy
Above Minnesota by Cecily Sasserbaum
Seesaw by Fialka
Goin' Down South trilogy by David A. Hearne
Havoc by Rah and Sagan
Above Rubies by Rachel Howard
Black Hole Season by Penumbra
Belmont Ohio, 3:36 P.M. by Sarah Segretti
Small Lives Awake by JET
Aquinnah by Anjou
Stakeout Through The Heart by Barbara D.
Basketball Therapy by kel
But Then Face to Face by MCA
Goodnight Newton by Rachel Howard
Gold to Airy Thinness Beat by M. Sebasky
Cross Mills by Jerry
A Man's Man by Hal and Random Replies by Beaker
Code by Amanda Summers
Idylls by Bugs
Coldfire in Indigo Blue by Orion
Timber by Nevdull
Every Sparrow Falling by Alloway
Innumerable by Cofax
Show by Rachel Howard
Jasper's Last Thought by MD1016
Drive, He Said by Jennifer-Oksana
The Dreaming Sea by Revely
Show of Strength by Meredith
One Warning by Jean Robinson
Gutless by Magdeleine
Hide and Seek by SpearmntXP
Aftershock by Terma
Sunday by Terma
Half A World Away by Jane St. Clair
Chess by Cecily Sasserbaum
Serendipity by Suzanne Schramm
All the Way Home/Head over Heels by syn
Parabiosis by Penumbra
Inversus by LoneGunGuy (virtual S8)
Diaspora by LoneGunGuy
Caprice by Diana Battis
A Dream of Thaw by M. Sebasky
X-Sense, UTurn, and
Four Seasons, a Thousand Candles by January
Shelter in a Time of Storm by David Stoddard-Hunt
In the Attic by Abra Elliot
Agunah by Prufrock's Love
Dark Reflections by Sally Bahsen & Dawn
Parallax by Vivian Wiley
Crossing the Line by Jennifer Lyon
Mindful by Beatrice
Silence Waiting by JET
Chinese Butterfly by Leyla Harrison
Deliver Me by Louise Marin
Still Life with Implant by Barbara D.
Scenes by Beduini
99 and 44/100th Percent Done by Sarah Segretti
Tinfoil by Lochness
It Came in the Mail by Forte
Don't Think of the Blue Elephant by Chey Burgess
In the Night Season by Revely
The Light of One Sun by Wayward
Never by Allison Kinney
Cheating the God of Fire by cofax
Artificial Starlight by Annie Sewell Jennings
Invocation by The Pen Name
Primal Sympathy by Lydia Bower
I Scream, You Scream by Jean Robinson